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Key Features 

Guaranteed Value 

Every pack contains a top grade certified coin 

Authenticated & Graded by PCGS

PCGS is the world's leading coin grader and authenticator.

Rare Labels 

Score a limited edition custom Gold Rush or ultra-rare Infinity label!

What are UltraBreaks?

UltraBreaks are a thrilling and unique way to collect rare and certified coins. Inspired by the excitement of opening packs of trading cards, each UltraBreaks pack contains a limited edition Ultra coin certified by PCGS featuring one of three stunning labels.

Rare Labels: Each pack contains a stunning PCGS MS70 Ultra coin. One in 10 packs features an Ultra Gold Rush Label. Only one in 100 contains the elusive Ultra Infinity Label.
Low Edition Limits: Each series is limited edition, ensuring that each edition remains highly sought after. 
Score a Huge Hit: The incredibly scarce Ultra Infinity labels are amongst the rarest by PCGS, period!
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Limited Editions:

Experience the ultimate coin collecting experience with our new labels

PCGS x Ultra

Each coin features a stunning Silver Foil label that compliments the pristine surfaces of each PCGS MS70 coin adorned with the iconic PCGS x Ultra logo.

PCGS x Ultra Gold Rush

This standout label features the PCGS x Ultra logo on gorgeous Refractive Golden Foil. With odds of 1 in 10, Gold Rush coins will shine in your collection.

PCGS x Ultra Infinity

Score a monster hit when you open a coin in our ultra-rare high-end hologram foil label. With only 1 of 100 PCGS x Ultra coins certified with Infinity labels, these will be amongst the lowest population collectibles in the market today.