2023 Morgan or Peace Dollar PCGS Reverse PR70 UltraBreaks Pack


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Round 3 of UltraBreaks drops December 8 at 12:00 EST and will feature 2023 Morgan or Peace Dollar PCGS Reverse PR70. 

Introducing UltraBreaks - a thrilling new way to collect rare certified coins!  Each of the 800 packs contains either a limited edition Ultra 2023 Morgan or Peace Dollar PCGS Reverse PR70.  Unwrap your pack & take your chance at the rare Ultra Gold Rush or even the ultra rare Infinity Label!  With just 4 of each in existence, they are simply the most limited 2023 Morgan and Peace dollars you can collect!

Unwrap the Ultimate Thrill: Each pack contains a limited edition 2023 Morgan or Peace Dollar PCGS Reverse PR70 bearing the Ultra label.  One in 10 packs features an Ultra Gold Rush Label. Only one in 100 contain the elusive Ultra Infinity Label.  Only 800 packs of the  Reverse Proof 2023 Morgan and Peace Dollar have been issued.

Rarity Redefined: Picture this: Just 356 of each Ultra, 40 of each Gold Rush, and only 4 of each Infinity exist. That's a total population of 400 per coin waiting to be unwrapped! With a low limited edition and multiple chase grails, each coin is certain to remain highly sought after.

Amazing New Way to Collect:  UltraBreaks is a groundbreaking shift in coin collecting. Why settle for traditional Reverse PR70 coins when you can seize the opportunity to score something extraordinary? Unwrap the future and score big!

So, whether you're a seasoned collector seeking an elusive lowest pop label or a passionate enthusiast ready to embrace the excitement of tearing packs, UltraBreaks is your ticket to excitement, rarity, and the thrill of discovery!