UltraBreaks Down Under: featuring 1 oz Silver MS70 & Gold Chase Coins


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Limit 5 Packs Per Customer

New UltraBreaks are here! UltraBreaks Down Under will feature three Australian coins, each certified MS70 by PCGS and bearing our exclusive Ultra labels. In this launch you will be able to score 2024 1 oz Australian Silver Kangaroo, 2024 1oz Australian Silver Kookaburra or 2024 1oz Australian Perth Mint 125th Anniversary coins in Ultra, Gold Rush and Infinity labels. There will be 3,000 packs with an additional 12 Gold Chase Coins. 

Gold Chase Coins: We’re enhancing this series with 12 additional Chase Coins that will feature 2024 1 oz Gold Kangaroo, 2024 1 oz Gold Perth Mint 125th Anniversary and 2024 1 oz Gold Swan, all graded MS70 by PCGS in our exclusive Gold Rush and Infinity labels. There will be 3 of each coin in Gold Rush label, and only 1 of each will be adorned with the highly coveted Infinity label.

Ultra-limited Edition: Each UltraBreaks population remains extremely low, ensuring its rarity and exclusivity. There will be 2,670 Ultra labels, 300 Gold Rush labels and only 30 Infinity labels in this launch; there also will be 12 Gold Chase Coins with a total population of 3,012 packs.

Celebrating Australian Heritage: In this round of UltraBreaks we are recognizing and celebrating the essence of Australian wildlife, masterfully captured in the beautiful silver and gold designs of the featured coins.  

Highest Quality Guaranteed: Each coin is meticulously graded as PCGS MS70, ensuring pristine quality and authenticity. 

Rising Value: UltraBreaks is a fun collecting concept, but also a fantastic investment opportunity. The resell value of UltraBreaks is continuously rising, with the top-tier labels reaching over 100% premiums after every launch.