UltraBreaks Heatwave: featuring 1 oz Burnished Silver Eagle & Gold Chase Coins


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UltraBreaks are on fire with our new limited series – the Heatwave! It will feature three highly sought-after years of Burnished Silver Eagles in our signature Ultra labels with a population of 3,000 packs and the highest number of Chase Coins UltraBreaks has ever had – 62!  

Burnished Silver Eagles: In this drop you will be able to score 1,500 2024-W Silver Eagles graded SP70 in three tiers of PCGS Ultra labels – Ultra, Gold Rush and Infinity. However, that’s not all! We have been able to purchase several 2022-W Silver Eagles from a US Mint Private Auction, available to only a select number of buyers. Graded SP70 by PCGS, they will make up another 1,500 of the series population.   

USA Flag Core: UltraBreaks fans loved the USA Flag Core holders from Made in the USA series, so we brought them back! Out of the 1,335 Ultra labels of each 2024-W and 2022-W Silver Eagle, 335 of each will be encapsulated in the beloved USA Flag Core, providing an extra touch of excitement!  

Chase Coins: To add even more exclusivity to this series, we brought you the very first year of issue of the Burnished Silver Eagle – look for 45 2006-W Silver Eagles in the Gold Rush label and 5 in the highly sought-after Infinity label. And, as always, there’s 12 additional Gold Chase coins – you will find 6 of each 2006-W Gold Eagle and 2024-W Gold Eagle, all graded SP70 by PCGS. 5 of each will rock the Gold Rush label, and only 1 of each will feature the Infinity label!  

Recent Sales: Aftermarket on chase labels remains very robust, with Gold Rush labels typically trading for 3x the value of its pack and Infinity labels trading for up to 10x. Each Chase coin that has traded has typically broken the pricing record for any known sale prior to its date and issue 

Exclusivity Guaranteed: No series will ever be re-released, guaranteeing exclusivity in every pack.