2023 Silver Eagle MS70 & Gold Chase Coins - UltraBreaks Made in the USA


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Limit 5 Packs Per Customer

New UltraBreaks are here! A special edition from PCGS, UltraBreaks Made in the USA 2023 Silver Eagle MS70 & Gold Chase Coins. 

Unwrap the Ultimate Thrill: Each pack is a 1 oz Silver PCGS Ultra MS70 certified coin. New release will feature 2,000 2023 Silver Eagle 1 oz silver coins. Same odds apply: there will be 1780 Ultra labels, 200 Gold Rush labels and 20 Infinity labels of each coin.  

Look Closely: We enhanced this series with 4 extra Gold Chase coins that will feature 4 1986 $50 Gold Proof 70 coins that will come in two tiers of labels – 3 of them will be adorned with the Gold Rush label and only 1 will rock the most coveted Infinity label.  

Rarity Redefined: Just 1780 of Ultra, 200 of Gold Rush, and only 20 of Infinity exist in this series. That's a total population of 2,000 coins with additional 4 Gold Chase Coins waiting to be unwrapped! With a low limited edition and multiple chase grails, each coin is certain to remain highly sought after.

Amazing New Way to Collect: UltraBreaks is a groundbreaking shift in coin collecting. Why settle for traditional MS70 coins when you can seize the opportunity to score something extraordinary? Unwrap the future and score big!

So, whether you're a seasoned collector seeking an elusive lowest pop label or a passionate enthusiast ready to embrace the excitement of tearing packs, UltraBreaks is your ticket to excitement, rarity, and the thrill of discovery!