UltraBreaks Lunar Dragon: featuring 1/2 oz Silver & Gold Chase Coins


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Limit 2 Packs Per Customer

Next up we have UltraBreaks Lunar Dragon, a new series that will feature Perth Mint’s 2024 Year of the Dragon ½ oz silver coins bearing our exclusive Ultra labels. Collectors can find 10 different colorized designs in Ultra, Gold Rush and Infinity labels. There will be 2,008 packs total featuring 2,000 1/2 oz silver coins and an additional 8 1/2 oz Gold Chase Coins. Game on!  

Gold Chase Coins: Our previous drops featuring Gold Chase coins have all been a smashing success. This series is enhanced with 8 additional Chase Coins that will feature 2024 1/2 oz Gold Australian Year of the Dragon in our exclusive Gold Rush and Infinity labels. Just 7 gold coins will feature the Gold Rush label, and only 1 will be adorned with the highly sought-after Infinity label.  

Rising Value: UltraBreaks are fun to break, but sealed packs are also a fantastic investment opportunity. The resale value of sealed UltraBreaks packs continues to rise, with packs selling for 25-100% premiums just days after launch. 

Majestic Lunar Dragon: Celebrating 2024 as the Year of the dragon, Australian Perth Mint continues their Lunar Series III, each year featuring a different animal from the Chinese lunar calendar on the reverse of their beautifully crafted bullion coins.

Exclusivity Guaranteed: No series will ever be re-released, guaranteeing exclusivity in every pack.